Source: NMHS Newsletter, February 1993; originally appeared in the News-Journal on January 9, 1958.

Widow of Thomas Marshall Dies

Mrs. Lois Marshall, widow of Thomas R. Marshall, died Monday at Phoenix, Arizona, where she had lived most of the time since the death of her husband in 1925. Thomas R. Marshall, born in North Manchester on what is now the site of the Marshall theatre, was governor of Indiana and vice-president of the United States when Woodrow Wilson was president. Mr. Marshall died shortly after he had given the commencement address at Manchester College. The Thomas Marshall school in North Manchester was named in his honor. The Marshall family had moved to Columbia City during the boyhood of Thomas. He became a practicing attorney at Columbia City and became acquainted with Lois Kinsey, who was working as deputy for her father, clerk of Steuben County at Angola. She was 23 and Mr. Marshall 41 when they were married.

After completing his two terms as vice-president, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall returned to Indianapolis where he continued the practice of law. The funeral service for Mrs. Marshall will be held at Phoenix Friday, and the body will be brought to Indianapolis for burial in the Marshall mausoleum in Crown Hill Cemetery. Mrs. Marshall was 85 years old.